Mature Aged Workers

Australia’s population is ageing. Between now and 2050 the number of people aged 65 to 84 years will more than double. 

Australia already has a skills shortage, which will be further exacerbated by retirees leaving the workforce. Australia needs to encourage mature age workers to be flexible about their careers in an ever changing work environment. We need to maximise this wealth of human capital, their experience and their maturity.

Vocational education offers a variety of short courses through TAFE along with private RTOs that encourage people to explore new areas of skills often related to their passion. For example, have you ever thought of doing a horticulture course, then seeking work in a nursery or the botanical gardens? If you enjoy horse racing, what about the role of a steward?

Mentoring and skilled volunteering is another area of opportunity. The Golden Guru website is an example of this, a simple idea to activate retired professionals to provide support and mentoring to small business. 

An increasing number of mature age workers want to continue working as they have skills to share, are physically and mentally fit and also want to put the money towards travel.

Many Australians travel overseas as they find Australian holidays too expensive – the airfares, the petrol, the accommodation. It is not uncommon to hear that many choose overseas destinations during their working life and leave Australia as a destination to explore once they have the campervan and are retired.

The Harvest Trail provides a way to travel around this great country and get paid to explore. Ignore the road well-travelled and take the alternate route. Start planning your trip now and join the growing tribe of people taking part in the Harvest Trail.

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