Hints And Tips

  • The key to a successful Harvest Trail experience is good planning. Take the time to research which crops are being harvested where throughout the year and enquire well ahead of harvest time. Be sure to download The National Harvest Guide. The Guide features the crops and regions to visit, and is organized by state or territory as well as by month.
  • There is a growing interest in the Harvest Trail and many have found that if you have your own transport and accommodation your chances of securing work are greatly enhanced. Why not hire or purchase a campervan or RV? We recommend Maui Australia and don’t forget to check out the services offered by the Australian Auto Clubs including NRMA.
  • It is important to note that you do need a degree of physical fitness as many jobs are repetitive and can involve standing, kneeling, sitting or climbing ladders and rates vary depending on the type of crop being harvested. But the rewards of the experience far outweigh the negatives as many people revisit the Harvest Trail TV website to plan their next holiday. Often travelers stay in an area beyond the harvest season, sightseeing or taking on other jobs in the area so they can truly immerse themselves in the region.
  • Before you arrive at your destination, spend some time researching nearby towns, landmarks and attractions. Life is so much nicer as a traveler than as a tourist. The Harvest Trail offers travelers a real insight into the region, working with locals and other travelers, earning some extra spending money while you do it.
  • The Harvest Trail is about bringing regional communities to life. The Harvest Trail can make such a big difference to everyone involved. Taking part in the Harvest Trail doesn’t only help the farmers, you are helping the whole community by putting locally earned dollars back into Australia. You will help sustain regional communities and businesses, while getting paid for your efforts, making new friends and keeping healthy and fit. It may even just change your life.


Robert and Augustine – retired restaurant owners – Bellingen, NSW
We sold our business, and didn’t want to dip into our savings or super. After we heard about the Harvest Trail, we planned our journey and helped with the grain harvest in Moree, picked apples in Shepparton and pruned grape vines in South Australia. We engaged in tourist activities which we never knew were there. We’re looking forward to another Harvest Trail Adventure to keep us fit and healthy.

Michael – 60+ retired owner of a lawn mowing business – Cairns, QLD
I heard about the Harvest Trail from my sister in NZ. We started off in Young picking Cherries, travelled to Cobram picking peaches, apricots and dong orchard work. I learnt to drive a tractor, did it for 3 months.
We visited tourism destinations en route particularly in the Murray River Region, as well as lakes and the WWII Airport Museum. We enjoyed looking into the history of the small towns we visited. 

Ronald and Maria – 68 years old- currently doing Harvest Trail in Broome
We thought the Harvest Trail would offer something different to do –and it did! We started off picking cherries in Hillston and Alexandra then on to Mildura for grapes. We were recently in Alice Springs, and after a short break have resumed the Harvest Trail next month to engage in more tourist experiences in Broome, paid for by The Harvest Trail!

To tell us your story, please email info@harvesttrail.com.au along with your details and photos.

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